• Booking and payment of courts must be done according to the club's normal rules
  • The players book and agree among themselves when to play the matches
  • All matches must be played and registered at the latest 23:59 the last day of the round
  • Registration of matches is done through this web site or possibly through mail to the administrator
  • If a player cannot play his/her matches during the round the player could give WALK OVER
  • If a player does not respond on repeated attempts to contact over mail and the phone you can take WALK OVER
  • If a player cancels a match with very short notice or does not turn up for an appointment NO SHOW is given
  • Every player has to do his utmost to meet all other players in his division during the round
  • If a match is not possible to complete until the court reservation expires the result at expiration is counted
  • Only completed games are accounted for
  • If possible, the interrupted match can be continued on the same or another court
  • The following points are given for different match results:
  • WALK OVER gives the winner 4 points and the loser 0 points
  • NO SHOW gives the winner 4 points and the loser -2 points
  • If it is mutually agreed that the match cannot be played no points are assigned
  • The players above the upper line are moved up one division the next round and the players below the lower line are moved down
  • The upper and lower lines could be adjusted during the round but normally two players go up and two players go down
  • If there is a draw between one or several players the following tie-breakers are given:
    1. Most wins between the players with the same score
    2. Most wins in total during the round
    3. Highest match score internally between the players with the same score
    4. Highest number of matches during the round
    5. Raffle it!