Bence Toth

112 Lira

Lira is a currency used on Each player pays a monthly fee with Lira, and you earn new by playing and winning matches.
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Lira transactions
381077Reward: Match wonBence Toth-Charles Groell211207/02/2020 22:42
381076Reward: Match playedBence Toth-Charles Groell1011007/02/2020 22:42
364499Monthly fee-2010030/01/2020 02:29
345385Reward: Match wonThomas Schönauer-Bence Toth212024/01/2020 17:21
345384Reward: Match playedThomas Schönauer-Bence Toth1011824/01/2020 17:21
333151Reward: Match playedBence Toth-Szilard Buti1010817/01/2020 15:05
312274Monthly fee-109829/12/2019 23:29
292229Reward: Match wonBence Toth-Michael Wohlgemuth210813/12/2019 22:46
292228Reward: Match playedBence Toth-Michael Wohlgemuth1010613/12/2019 22:46
270124Monthly fee-109629/11/2019 23:29
250160Reward: Match wonBence Toth-Andrin Bürgin210622/11/2019 19:07
250159Reward: Match playedBence Toth-Andrin Bürgin1010422/11/2019 19:07
246861Reward: Match playedTobias Wallin-Bence Toth109420/11/2019 18:11
241256Reward: Match playedBence Toth-Markus Dieterle108417/11/2019 20:53
214030Monthly fee-107429/10/2019 23:29
213455Reward: Match wonBence Toth-Charles Groell28429/10/2019 21:16
200980Reward: Match wonBence Toth-Michael Wohlgemuth28225/10/2019 18:34
200979Reward: Match playedBence Toth-Michael Wohlgemuth108025/10/2019 18:34
192218Reward: Match playedMichael Jablonski-Bence Toth107019/10/2019 19:15
162608Monthly fee-106030/09/2019 00:29
138648Reward: Match playedTobias Wallin-Bence Toth107018/09/2019 18:04
115886Monthly fee-106030/08/2019 00:29
95960Monthly fee-107030/07/2019 00:29
82709Monthly fee-108029/06/2019 23:12
48016Monthly fee-109026/05/2019 02:00
1908Starting amount10010025/04/2019 10:54