Privacy policy

Personal data

When registering as a user , you must enter Name and Email Address. Other information; Phone, City, and Country, is optional, but may be required for some features to work.

Name, City and Country are displayed publicly for all visitors. Phone number and email address are displayed only if you have matches in common or ongoing competitions. The exception is when someone sends a message via the built-in messaging feature. If you choose to reply to that message, the recipient can see the email address.

The email address is used to log in and to get information from the system. It can be forgotten passwords or information about coming or played matches.

You can also create a Facebook connection, to use Facebook's credentials to log in. This will collect the user's public profile image. You can both remove the image and disconnect Facebook whenever you like.

If you join a competition, the administrator of the competition will get access to the users personal data.

All personal data can be changed by the users in their settings.

Other information

In addition to data provided during registration, other indirect data may be processed. This may be, for example, which sports are being exercised, the competitions you have entered and places where you usually play.

Email messages


The system sends out information about your matches. There may be bookings, reminders or when matches are registered by opponents. Some of these messages can be turned off.

System information

In case of system upgrades or if it is necessary to communicate other information, email is sent to all registered players. It is possible to unsubscribe from these messages at any time.


We use cookies to improve the user experience in order to maintain the login. The cookie is saved when you select "Remember me on this device". If you check that option when you log in, the cookie is deleted. If you disable cookies, the system works just as well, with the difference that you may need to log in more often.

To get visitor statistics we use Google Analytics. For this purpose, Google also stores cookies on the user's device.

Sharing data

All personal data and other data are stored in a database at a secure web host or data center within the EU. For newsletters we use Mailchimp, who gets name, email address and sports. does not share personal data with any other third parties.